A beautiful day over the Caribbean
Rounding flat Anguilla island
Trade Winds pushing up to Saint-Martin
Tintamarre island is just next to Saint-Martin
Mooring at Tintamarre Island offers great diving experiences
Delivering a Catana 50 to Saint-Martin
Chartering over the Caribbean, Tintamarre Island
Beautiful mooring at l'Île Fourchue, Saint-Barthélemy
Nice sunset at Petit Havre, Guadeloupe
Cruising near le Pain de Sucre, Îles des Saintes
Rounding Le Diamant, Martinique
Beautiful rainbow over Grand Piton and Petit Piton, Saint-Lucia
Sailing through the Grenadines
Tobago Cays are definitely amazing
Petit Morpion, the Grenadines
Lenticular clouds over Montanha de Pico, Azores
Years of tradition, Azores
Very bright day during Madeira approach
Approaching Canaries Islands, great view of Pico del Teide
Belle-île en-Mer, one of my favorite island ever
Sunset on Port Joinville marina
Beautiful sky over Yeu island
Short delivery in Brittany
Head sail change while cruising Corsica
Heading west through the Atlantic, still 8,000 nautical miles to go to Tahiti
Watch out when sailing the doldrums. Threatening clouds everywhere
Divine sunrise over the Atlantic ocean
Rough sailing over Brittany
A beautiful sunset
Calm morning over the Atlantic ocean
Another late sailing day
Sunset at the stern
Cloudy evening, Atlantic entrance of the Panama canal
Going through the first chamber of the Gatun Locks, Panama
Gatun Lake crossing
Panama is behind us, time to sail the Pacific
Approaching Hiva Oa, the Marquesas
Resting and picking fruits at Atuona Bay, Hiva Oa
Next stop : Ahé in the Toamotus, Bernard Moitessier's favorite island
Highest elevation : 10 meters, watch out for tropical storms
Children's best entertainment is getting all of our fresh fruits
Approaching Moorea, last stop before Tahiti
Exploring the Grove arm in New Zealand
Sailing in wild New Zealand
Working as a crew on huge Poncin 82 catamaran
Cosmetic works on Farr 60 Alouette, before
Restoring the teak, before
Beautiful Farr 60 Alouette
Catlante 600 aft view
This catamaran is huge !
Drying is a must after a storm
Green turtle swimming at Tobago Cays, the Grenadines
Eagle Ray and Remora fish, Tobago Cays
Pantropical spotted dolphins playing at the bow
Waking up a sperm whale between Saint-Lucia and Saint-Vincent
Whale riding the bow, she actually stayed with us for two days.
Stingray, Tobago Cays
Big surprise under the boat while mooring at Saint-Barthélemy
Morena fish looking for food, Île Fourchue
French angelfish at Créole Rock, Saint-Martin
Anole taking a sunbath
Hiking Guadeloupe offers great spots
Hiking in la Gomera, Canaries
Fishing boat, Portugal
Old fishing boat
Famous Bernard Moitessier's boat Joshua arriving in l'Île d'Yeu, south Brittany
Two friends fighting against a big mahi mahi, still tough
Huge mahi mahi, nice meal too
Mahi mahi are always giving a good fight
Preparing extra fresh fish for lunch