For example I have taken owners and their families and/or clients to :

  • 6 weeks in Northen Europe and the Baltics
  • 4 months transatlantic from UK through Spain, Canaries, West Indies, Bahamas and the US
  • 10 weeks Atlantic and Mediterranean

Activities include trip planning, preparation & outfitting, provisionning, ongoing maintenance and repairs, day to day improvements of the boat operation, teaching advanced boating skills.


Dozens of deliveries across the globe for owners, manufacturers, charter companies and brokers. Activities include :

  • Commissioning, pre-delivery checklist development and follow-through
  • Crew and budget management
  • Post-trip debrief, punch list and recommendations

Before departure :

  • Composition of a crew adapted to the trip
  • Complete verification of the boat general state and its on-board equipment. Restoration if necessary
  • Protections for furnitures, tables, bedding. For a brand new boat or at the request of the owner
  • Food, water, gas and fuel supply
  • Weather analysis and routing forecast, departure formalities

During the delivery :

  • Regular weather analysis for safe navigation
  • Daily check of sailboat condition and wear points
  • Provision of worlwide marine charts, a satellite phone and a distress beacon
  • Regular delivery progress and technical reports

Arrival :

  • Complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of the sailboat
  • Final technical report of all interventions on board, vessel's weaknesses, and improvements to be made
  • Formalities


Tailored to the needs and personalities of the owners and their families.
7 years of training taking beginners all the way to full autonomy in most challenging international waters. Activities include :

  • Advanced sailing techniques
  • Navigation (on charts and modern onboard technologies)
  • Safety techniques & maneuvers
  • Docking techniques


Turn-key management of the boat to provide a care-free experience for the owner. Activities include :

  • All required paperwork (e.g. insurance, customs & immigration, permits)
  • Marina relations including contracting
  • Maintenance and repairs (e.g. vendors selection, warranty, logs)
  • Pre-trip planning & preparation (e.g. food & beverage provisionning, refueling, cleaning, linens)